Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Second Snow Day. Cabin Fever Coming Soon.

Snow Day #2!

We had a foot of snow!  I am so thankful for this little hometown of ours.  A good friend, knowing the Hubby is working in the city, came by last night with his snow blower.  Bless You, KP!  Unfortunately, with the high winds leading to blowing snow...the driveway drifted again.  I spent most of the morning on the couch with Charley dog, drinking out of my giant coffee mug trying to work up the courage to get bundled up and head out to shovel.

The current temperature here today is 4°.  Four degrees, people.  Wind chill is well below zero.  In just over two weeks, the Hubby and I will be in Miami.  Current temp there?  79°.  Yes, I'm doing my best to envision this while sipping my coffee.    

The two little boys, daughter and I will be having Grands Biscuit Pizzas for lunch.  I have leftover spaghetti sauce so that's my substitute pizza sauce.  Always looking for ways to use what we've already got!  

We had some oranges in the fridge that weren't getting eaten as quickly as they should so this morning I peeled and segmented them and put them in a bowl in the fridge.  Maybe they'll get eaten faster if they can just grab a piece or two.  But let the peels go to waste?  No way!  I put a few oranges worth in the crock pot with two cinnamon sticks and a dash of ground cloves and have it simmering.  It smells so good in here.  It's like I'm inside a cup of autumn tea.  

Oh, yes, I put the rest of the peels in the freezer and will do it all over again soon.  Waste not, want not! 

Have a great day, bloggers!  Stay warm! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day and "Leftover" Stew

It's a snow day!

Today, at home with the kids, I decide to utilize the "leftover bucket" in my freezer.  For the past few weeks, after clearing off the table, if there are any little bits of supper left but not quite enough for another meal, I add it to the ice cream bucket in the freezer.  We have accumulated green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, rice and steak pieces. 

Put the whole shebang in the stock pot with two cartons of beef broth and let it go.  Simmer for a while and enjoy "Leftover" Stew.  

Grocery Savings Update:  hit the local grocery store this morning.  Of course I only went for milk and eggs as we're in a blizzard...and every good Midwesterner knows if it snows you have to stock up on milk, eggs and bread.  No, I don't know why.  I just know my Mom and Grandma did it so it must be right.  Anyway, I ended up picking up a few more things.  Saved 48%!  
Success :)

The Hubby is at work in the city today.  The snow is bad enough that they closed his corporate office at 1:00 but also so bad he doesn't get to come home.  He has to stay in the city tonight.  Hope he gets to come home tomorrow!  I'm grateful for his brother though as Hubby has a safe place to stay.

The two little boys, our one daughter and I will have the "Leftover" Stew for supper tonight.  I'll be sure to update later!  


Too much rice.  It's more of a rice soup with some other stuff in it.  I'll keep this in mind next time.  This was a super cheap meal even considering I served it with Grands Biscuits (that I got on sale plus coupon making them less than a dollar a can :) )

Brand New Blogger

Brand New Blogger

Hey, everyone!  I'm going to give this whole blogging thing a shot.  What I hope to do with this outlet are a few things:

1.  Demonstrate the love of Christ through my love to my husband, my kids and my fur babies :)

2.  Teach and inspire others to shop for the best deals, coupon and use every piece they can in their kitchens and throughout their houses; repurposing where necessary.  Frugality is fun!

3.  Connect with other wives and mommies who share my values and let's learn from each other.  Never stop learning! 

Come on this adventure with me.  I hope you have a great time!  Enjoy the ride!

God Bless,